Who We Are

Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) is the national association of professional business support organizations dedicated to the success of women entrepreneurs, and the authority on women’s entrepreneurship in Canada.

Member organizations operate under provincial mandates and provide an array of services including skills development in critical business management topics, connections to financing and trade development opportunities. We also facilitate peer-to-peer networking among business owners and mentoring through business community volunteers.

Our member organizations each have 20 years of service delivery experience to women entrepreneurs across Canada. Combined, the six current founding member organizations have a network of over 75,000 female business owners coast to coast, and we continue to grow.

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Our support helps women entrepreneurs access the financing they need to launch and grow their businesses, create jobs and stimulate economic activity.

Over $75 million in financing to women entrepreneurs
Over 6000 jobs created or maintained
Over $2 billion cumulative economic impact in Canada


Loan repayment rate

Loan clients in business after 5 years - 50% above the national average

Our programs are proven to increase women entrepreneurs’ chances of success. We have developed internationally-recognized best practice models of service delivery and program development for women entrepreneurs.