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Seeking an Executive Director for a Four-Year Term

The Board of WEOC seeks an Executive Director who will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization in accordance with the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors. Manitoba-based Staff will report to the Executive Director and will consist of an Executive Assistant, Outreach Coordinator, Research and Database Coordinator and part time Communications and Finance personnel.

This position is full time for a four-year term managing a staff located at the Manitoba head office. The ED position need not be located in Manitoba.

The ED will report to a governance Board comprising the leaders of the major women’s business support organizations in Canada. The Board of Directors of WEOC guides strategic direction, policy and advocacy and reviews implementation of actionable and measurable plans that link back to the project mandate.

She will also report on fiscal compliance and progress on project objectives to the Board of the Funding Organization as required.

This newly funded organization established in 2011 will have the mandate to create a coalition of women’s business support organizations across Canada.

Work will include:

  • creating a series of regional economic summits;
  • developing effective communications that link member organizations;
  • helping women led businesses in rural and underserved areas of Canada to seek trade/export opportunities;
  • increase attendance on trade missions to increase export capacity;
  • interface with governments to utilize a gender lens to address service gaps;
  • coordinate dissemination of good support practices for women entrepreneurs;
  • collaborate with academic institutions to aid in disseminating applicable academic research for entrepreneurial program development; and
  • provide training on lending practices and protocols to member organizations.

Strategic Leadership

The Executive director will report to the WEOC’s Board of Directors and support the Board in all areas by communicating WEOC’s mission, vision and objectives to staff for operational implementation.

She will be leading, within a team environment, the operations of the organization which will result in the project deliverables of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem contribution from Western Economic Diversification (WED) within the timelines and budgets provided.

The ED will be responsible for the operation and effectiveness of all of WEOC’s organizational functions including budgeting, financial performance, technology infrastructure, administration, human resources, marketing and communications and resources and partnership development.

The Executive Director will develop relationships with existing and potential stakeholders including government, members of the women’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, corporations, and women entrepreneurs.

She will develop realistic plans aligning with the project mandate and the Board’s strategic direction and provide realistic estimates of costs, staff and resource needs and assignment of clear accountability for deliverables. She can marshal resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done.

She will liaise with Funder staff and Board as appropriate to provide information that mitigates the risks of Funder’s fiduciary responsibilities for the project outcomes. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service which meet the needs and requirements of all stakeholders. She is an innovator who looks for new or better ways of doing things that lead to the most efficient and effective processes.

Qualifications will include familiarity with the women’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, experience managing distant personnel, educational level consistent with business knowledge and business development expertise, ability to liaise with and collaborate with a variety of partners.

The Executive Director will work to ensure future sustainability of the organization.

The ability to communicate well orally and in written form in both English and French is considered to be a desirable qualification.

Please send a cover letter expressing interest and a full CV to: [email protected] by June 14, 2019

Only those queries that meet our qualification standards will be contacted.

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