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Claudine Gervais got her start as a reporter for her hometown newspaper in Devils Lake, North Dakota.

A Western Magazine Gold Award winner, she’s written about polar bears, David Suzuki’s underwear and a mosasaur named Bruce.

With more than 20 years as a reporter, editor and advertising copywriter, she has turned the “talks too much and distracts others” comments on her report cards into a career path.





Kailynn NewediukKailynn Newediuk is a graduate of the Red River College Creative Communications program with a specialization in Public Relations. Prior to her time at RRC, she lived in Vancouver and attended the University of British Columbia for five years, where she studied English literature and film, and earned a Bachelor of Arts. Whether it’s reading books and watching movies, or writing communications, Kailynn tries to keep storytelling at the heart of everything she does.





Gabrielle PicheGabrielle Piché is an intern in the Winnipeg Free Press newsroom. She’s previously reported for the Headingley Headliner, the Selkirk Record and the Stonewall Teulon Tribune. Headshot photo by James Turner.

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