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Learn and Engage

WEOC offers a variety of courses and interactive workshops throughout the year that are specifically designed for those who advise, guide, mentor and counsel women and non-binary entrepreneurs.

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Sleep: What Is It Good For?

June, 19, 1-2 PM ET

Now, more than ever we need to be sleeping well to better our immune systems and overall health.

When we focus on changing our mindset and everyday lifestyle habits we can begin to build a foundation to sleep and feel better. Sleep Expert, Alanna McGinn will educate you on incorporating proper sleep hygiene, with tips and strategies to quiet your mind, shorten sleep onset, and strengthen your relationship with sleep and your bed.

This virtual sleep seminar will include:

  • The steps and practices of overall sleep hygiene
  • Easy to follow tips and lifestyle strategies that you can incorporate morning, noon, and night to help you sleep better
  • Mindful practices with a focus on mindful thoughts and breathing
  • Expert led Q&A session

Tickets on sale for 50%.

$12.50 – Member price

$14.64 – Non-member price

Decolonizing Language

June 19, 12:30-4:30 PM ET, Virtual

In this transformative 4-hour workshop, participants will embark on a journey to decolonize language, fostering a deep understanding of how linguistic structures can reinforce colonial ideologies. Through interactive exercises and insightful discussions, attendees will learn strategies to empower themselves and others by minimizing harm in language usage.

Guided by an experienced facilitator, Rhiannon Bennett, co-founder and CEO of Hummingbirds Rising Consulting, Ltd., the workshop will delve into the nuanced ways English, as a dominant language, perpetuates colonialism, prompting critical reflections and fostering a safe space for dialogue. By the workshop’s end, participants will emerge equipped with practical tools to challenge colonial linguistic norms, advocate for linguistic justice, and actively contribute to creating inclusive linguistic spaces that improve communication & reduce conflict.

$29 – Member price

$64.17 – Non-member price