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Cultivating Customer Loyalty

These resources were shared during the Ready, Set, Get Back to Business symposium May 12-14, 2020

Panel 2: Cultivating Customer Loyalty

Panel overview: Timothy Eaton, founder of the famed Canadian department store chain, believed customer service was paramount. He embodied ‘the customer is always right’ philosophy. During a time when many businesses have closed their doors because of social distancing, others have looked for creative ways to stay in touch with their customers. Hear from three entrepreneurs that have gone above and beyond to deliver impeccable service and build customer loyalty.
Facilitated by: Ruth Vachon, President and CEO, Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec
  • Nathalie Gauthier, President, Vision Strategy Marketing
  • Penny Tremblay, Founder, Tremblay Leadership Center
  • Shanika Abeysinghe, Founder Bessie Box
Key Takeaways:
Building relationships with customers will lead to long-term clients, according to a panel of entrepreneurs at WEOC’s webinar on customer loyalty.

Mailing cards, calling clients and keeping people updated on company changes can better your relationships, the panel said.

“Yes, it’s about tools and technology, but it’s about the human aspect. Humans buy from humans.” — Nathalie Gauthier, president of Vision Strategy Marketing

“Based on what (customers’) needs are, what might my pivot look like?” — Penny Tremblay, founder of Tremblay Leadership Center

“People aren’t numbers… I know how I want to be treated, and I want to make sure I’m treating my customers the same.” — Shanika Abeysinghe, co-founder of Bessie Box

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