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Customer Service: Am I Delivering it to My Clients? with Susan Gorveatte

Session Description, February 4:

Session begins at 11:45 AM (EST), with  presentation beginning at 12 PM. Keynote is 75 minutes in length and session ends at 1:30 PM (EST)

CUSTOMER RETENTION IS CRITICAL. Service is the new standard by which to measure an organizations performance. The differences between effective and ineffective service is a matter of sensitivity, sincerity, attitude & human relations – all of which can be learned and effectively managed. Service is the Real Competitive Edge.

A TACTICAL APPROACH TO EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE IS THE NEW STANDARD. It is important to know the value of a loyal client to the lifetime of the organization. Identifying quantifiable, measureable data to measure client perception can help an organization to make factual based decisions to survive in today’s challenging marketplace.

THERE IS A STRATEGIC FORMULA TO QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE: The session presents a tactical approach of The Four Steps to Implement a Service Management System that attendees can engage right away within their own organization:

  • PLAN – Context, Leadership, Planning What is your Common Purpose?
  • DO – Resourcing and Operations What are your Delivery Systems?
  • CHECK – Monitoring and Measuring What are your Performance Standards?
  • ACT – Continuously Improve What is your Service Recovery System?

What a Difference a Smile Makes! Now Engage!

Susan Gorveatte, Speaker:

Headshot of Susan GorveatteattThrough the application of what she calls “practical magic” SUSAN GORVEATTE, has worked more than twenty years in Quality Customer Service Management blending the right amount of art and science needed to create a formula to success for organizations to consistently meet and even exceed customer expectations through the positive engagement of their workforce.Susan has worked throughout Canada and the United States in both the service and manufacturing sectors including several years in the automotive manufacturing hub of Detroit, Michigan. Susan has trained hundreds of companies from small entrepreneurial based organizations to large national and international clients providing tangible results through effective facilitation and coaching skills.
Published in North American Trade Journals and newsletters, Susan is an active member in the quality industry providing training and advice on quality management systems implementation, productivity improvement and business efficiency. Susan currently travels throughout Canada and the US working with clients facilitating quality management programs in an effort to improve and grow their business processes so they may achieve their quality goals through international recognition.
In her spare time, Susan holds positions on many professional and recreational Boards and holds a variety of volunteer positions including being an active member of American Society for Quality. She worked hard to earn a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management, a Small Business Management Diploma, and a Certificate in Total Quality and Productivity Management. She has successfully completed training as an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, ISO 14000 Lead Auditor, AS9110B Lead Auditor, AS9100C Lead Auditor and Nova Scotia Certified Safety Officer.


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