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RESILIENCE: Thriving to create the world we want to live in, with Dr. Andrea Kraj

February 25, 2021

Headshot of Dr. Andrea KrajDr. Andrea Kraj, Speaker

Dr. Andrea Kraj is a revolutionary leader in renewable energy systems. She is a practicing professional engineer (Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba) specialized in Microgrid Energy Systems and Smart Grid Technology for Smart Cities with 23 years of experience. Her work focuses on the application of intelligent energy systems for improved management of multiple renewable energy systems (wind, solar, biomass, storage etc.) for remote electrification.
Dr. Kraj completed her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace specialization, her MSc in Mechanical Engineering on icing mitigation of wind turbines in cold climates and her PhD in Mechanical Engineering in Intelligent Computational Infrastructures for Optimized Autonomous Distributed Energy Generation in Remote Communities, at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Kraj set precedent in Manitoba, Canada with her work in utility scale community owned wind farm development, helping rural farming communities characterize their resources, establish cooperative businesses models and create feasible 150-300MW wind energy projects. Her foundational work in energy policy for community power projects enabled communities to retain ownership through project development and lead other communities to do the same. Her vision in community energy policy and microgrid technology is leading Northern Remote Communities to employ the community power model for empowering themselves with the appropriate energy technology at their location using smart microgrids.

Additionally, she has several years of experience in design for manufacture, CAD modeling and FEA in the aerospace, composite materials and international business sectors. Dr. Kraj directs the Master of Sustainability in Energy Security as an Assistant Professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability, at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Dr. Kraj additionally advises on design innovation in business, mentors emerging start-up entrepreneurs across Canada and founded CORE Renewable Energy Inc., a company dedicated to empowering community orientated renewable energy worldwide through accurate, intelligent and affordable power modelling and operations. She is an accomplished author and speaker (TEDx). She created and hosts the podcast, Fempower, with the intention of celebrating women, especially focused on representing women in the Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Sciences (T.E.A.M.S.).

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