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Buy Feminine Capital on April 5, 2016 and receive bonus gifts, including FREE access to webinars, assessment tools, templates, business guides, eBooks and more.

Feminine Capital book cover

Celebrate the Collective Power of Women Entrepreneurs

Around the world, women’s enterprise support organizations are collaborating on the #FEMCapital movement, an exciting offer for women entrepreneurs!

The book Feminine Capital: Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs tells the story of how women are harnessing different approaches to doing business, creating wealth and transforming lives. Drawing on four decades of award-winning research, Feminine Capital offers new insight into the ways that gender can influence entrepreneurial decision-making.

We want to help you discover this ground-breaking book and learn how to leverage your own #FEMCapital with a collection of bonus gifts that will help take your business to the next level.

How to Get Involved

Join the #FEMCapital movement by purchasing the book Feminine Capital on April 5 through your preferred Amazon site. With your help, we will harness the power of women entrepreneurs and achieve ‘Amazon Bestseller’ status for this compelling publication.

In exchange, you will receive a collection of FREE gifts that includes:

  • Exclusive access to a Knowledge Exchange Library of downloadable templates, eBooks, resources, articles and services for women entrepreneurs curated by leading women’s enterprise support organizations
  • 6 personalized tools to help you apply the principles of Feminine Capital to your business or organization
  • 2 interactive webinars with authors Dr. Barbara Orser and Dr. Catherine Elliott – one for women’s enterprise support organizations and one for women entrepreneurs


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How to Qualify for Your Bonus Gifts

Get Your Book and Bonus Gifts in 3 Easy Steps


On April 5, purchase Feminine Capital on your preferred Amazon site.


Return to this page and enter the last 4 digits of your Amazon order number.


Access free gifts from the Knowledge Exchange Library!

Your Bonus Gifts Include...

Thanks to an unprecedented collaboration with women’s enterprise support organizations around the world, we are pleased to offer exclusive access to a Knowledge Exchange Library featuring free gifts from our partners.

Click on the gift name(s) below to learn more about each offer and its contributing partner. We are continuously adding new gifts, so keep checking back!


Picture of Feminine Capital Learning Aids

This collection of 6 learning resources from the book authors will help you tap into your feminine capital.

Recognizing YOUR Entrepreneurial Leadership Style
This learning aid will help you to discover your “inner entrepreneur,” your leadership style compared to other entrepreneurial women.

Defining YOUR Enterprise
Use this tool to design an organizational structure that aligns with your leadership style, governance practices and intended venture outcomes.

Mapping YOUR Social Capital
Gain a clearer idea of where your social assets reside. This learning aid will lead you through a mapping exercise to identify your strengths and potential gaps in your portfolio of social capital.

Identifying YOUR Social Assets
The construction of social capital is explained. Use this knowledge to assemble an inventory of social assets associated with growth of your enterprise.

Assessing YOUR Skills and Competencies
Evaluate your skills and competencies associated with enterprise growth. Then use the tool to construct an action plan that ensures you obtain or acquire knowledge domains necessary to build your venture.

Supporting Women’s Enterprise
Test your assumptions about gender and venture creation. Use this information to then identify new strategies to support the growth of women-owned enterprises.

Provided by Feminine Capital authors Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott

Photo of Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott


State of Women-Owned Businesses Cover

This executive report, and a separate document containing trend tables, is based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and highlights the number and growth of women-owned businesses in the United States between 1997 and 2015.

Provided by Womenable

Womenable logo


Image of Business Advisory ChecklistThe accompanying document can be used in two ways; it can be the basis for an information gathering by business advisory personnel or by entrepreneurs as a checklist to ensure that their business or expansion plans have addressed all aspects of the organization.

Provided by Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba

Women's Enterprise Centre Manitoba Logo


Growing Your Business Guide CoverThis guide will explain some of the major considerations in growing your business and give you key pointers on subjects that women who have expanded their businesses have identified as critical to their growth.

The Growing Your Business guide provides tools to help you decide what growth means to you, how to ready yourself for change, and how to become a strategist – to think about where you really want your business to grow and how to get there.

Provided by Women’s Enterprise Centre

Women's Enterprise Centre Logo


Digital Resource

WEConnect Academy Live is a series of webinars intended to help women build and grow their businesses

Provided by WEConnect International

WEConnect International Logo


StartUpCan_Gift_coverA mentorship e-book #FindOneBeOne by CEO and Founder of MoxieTrades Marissa McTasney!


Provided by StartUp Canada


WCT_Gift_coverSenior women in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sectors stand at a crossroads. Digital transformation and changing skillsets, volatility and consolidation could threaten employment retention and curtail career advancement, particularly in ‘legacy’ industries. At the same time, evolving leadership competencies and emerging management roles present potential market opportunities. Game Changers Part II: TMT Career Advancement in the Digital Age: A Gender-Based Analysis (the GBA) finds that mid to senior-level women in TMT industries face key barriers to fully capitalizing on digital convergence opportunities to retain employment and advance to senior management in greater numbers.

Provided by Canadian Women in Communications and Technology


Middle Market Power Index CoverThe Growing Economic Clout of Diverse Middle Market Firms

There are nearly 137,000 businesses in the U.S. with between $10M and $1B in revenues. While less than 1% of firms, they contribute an outsized share of employment and revenues. This report, based on data from Dun & Bradstreet, looks at the share of middle market firms owned and led by women and minorities.

Provided by Womenable

Womenable logo


Think Like a SheEO Book Cover

Succeeding in the Age of Creators, Makers and Entrepreneurs

Think Like a SheEO is an enthusiastic call to women to create their own businesses that reflect their passions, strengths and values, and to do so on their own terms.

With the world facing enormous challenges author and entrepreneur Vicki Saunders argues that there are also enormous opportunities, making this a prime time for women to build new models, new mindsets and new solutions for a better world.

Saunders lays out eight principles to steer the reader on her own journey of shifting mindset and preparing to take the leap.

Provided by SheEO

SheEO logo


Even if you use a bookkeeper and/or accountant, it is imperative that you understand the financial side of your business. This guide takes you through practical exercises to help you understand the type of information financial statements provide so you can assess the financial health of your business and make sound financial decisions.

Provided by Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada



A cash flow statement is a pivotal tool in visualizing where and when cash is coming in or going out of your business. This pre-made Cash Flow Template excel spreadsheet will help you to track total monthly inflows and outflows of cash and contains pre-calculated cells to automatically sum totals.

Provided by Women’s Enterprise Centre

Women's Enterprise Centre Logo


LiisBeth_Gift_1_coverA recently compiled (June 2016) list of 80 women’s entrepreneurship support organizations operating in Canada plus major organizations in the US and Internationally.   This will be of value to anyone looking for a head start on research which will require this.

Provided by LiisBeth


A recently compiled list/assessment of podcast programmes and YouTube channels focused on supporting women entrepreneurs.  While this is a high churn space, it will save researchers interested in the explosion of podcasting.  And provides a quick short cut into identifying the nature of the ones currently on the market.

Provided by LiisBeth


FemCap_gift_coverThis is the original women’s enterprise framework launched by Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) in partnership with the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and a range of other key organisations in March 2014. It aims to change the face of business in Scotland, increasing the number of women starting and growing enterprises and changing the culture of economic development, business support and corporate engagement.

Provided by Women’s Enterprise Scotland

Women's Enterprise Scotland logo

About the #FEMCapital Webinars

Women’s Enterprise Centre is hosting two webinars to bring together an international community of women entrepreneurs and support organizations for a lively exploration of #FEMCapital with book co-authors Dr. Barbara Orser and Dr. Catherine Elliott.

Learn how to apply the concept of feminine capital to your venture so you can leverage this exciting shift in entrepreneurship!

When you purchase Feminine Capital on April 5, you will receive access to these webinars for FREE (register when you access your gifts on April 5)!

Webinar 1

For women's enterprise support organizations

Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, April 26 | 2pm EST

Photo of women working together

Learn what women value most in female-focused business services. Test your assumptions about gender and enterprise growth. Build a toolkit of high-impact strategies to support women entrepreneurs.

This 45-minute webinar is designed to help small business leaders, practitioners and lenders more effectively meet the needs of all enterprising clients. You’ll leave this webinar with a new appreciation of emerging enterprise models and support strategies.


For women entrepreneurs

Recognizing YOUR Feminine Capital

Tuesday, May 3 | 2pm EST

Picture of woman entrepreneur

How are entrepreneurs leveraging feminine capital to build brands, grow markets and drive profit? Gain an understanding about where your social assets reside by ‘Mapping YOUR Social Capital.’ This interactive 45-minute webinar then showcases 5 more Feminine Capital Learning Resources, evidence-based tools to identify your entrepreneurial leadership style, assess your skills and competencies, and help design an enterprise structure that is right for you. You’ll leave this webinar with new insights about how ‘being female’ can impact enterprise performance.

About the Book

Feminine Capital: Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs

Today, there are over 200,000,000 women business owners around the world. Many of these entrepreneurs are not doing business as usual, nor are they simply leaning in.

Rather, they are tapping into feminine capital—the unique skills and sensibilities that they have cultivated as women—to create enviable successes.

Drawing on four decades of award-winning research, Feminine Capital reveals how women are harnessing different approaches to doing business. Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott detail the pillars of feminine capital and offer new insight into the ways that gender can influence entrepreneurial decision-making.

They find that leveraging feminine capital can help women to create distinctive brands, build new markets, and drive profits—all while leveling the playing field in business.

In doing so, women are changing our social and economic landscape.

Learn how to construct an innovative business model, refine your start-up plans or rethink your growth strategy with practical learning aids, diagnostic tools and checklists. Gain inspiration from case studies of real-life women entrepreneurs.

Praise for the Book

Coauthors Orser and Elliott utilize four decades of research to examine the key ingredients that are necessary for women business owners to successfully compete in the marketplace. They also look at the hurdles women have to overcome to change people's perceptions and obtain the resources they need. Highly recommended.

P.G. Kishel

I highly recommend Feminine Capital, a comprehensive discussion of the state of women-led businesses today. With its engaging and interactive approach, the book will appeal to young women seeking start-up guidance, academics, and professionals guiding business growth. Its focus on business innovation, exporting, and access to capital will unlock the exploding power of today's women entrepreneurs.

Marsha Firestone

Feminine Capital covers an incredible amount of territory. It not only tells women entrepreneurs what they should consider in building and strengthening their businesses, but why.

Patricia G. Greene

There is a growing recognition of the powerful role that women entrepreneurs play in contributing to inclusive prosperity. Feminine Capital is a must-read for those who want to understand the new economic landscape. It not only challenges the stereotypes about women-owned businesses, but also offers pragmatic advice on the range of issues confronting entrepreneurs. An indispensable book.

Melanne Verveer

The authors do a masterful job synthesizing feminist and entrepreneurship theories to show how gender in venture creation plays out. Using deep case studies, they show how feminine capital can become a conscious and deliberate resource. Well researched and appropriate for policy makers, educators and practitioners alike.

Candida G. Brush

About the Authors: Experts in Women's Entrepreneurship

Dr. Barbara Orser and Dr. Catherine Elliott

Dr. Barbara Orser is the Deloitte Professor at University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management. A researcher of enterprise growth for over 25 years, she is an active adviser to government and industry associations. She was also the founding chair of the Canadian Task Force on Women’s Enterprise Growth (2011). The quality of her research has been recognized through a number of national and international awards, including the Women’s Executive Network ‘100 Most Power Women in Canada’ (Champion Category) and International Alliance of Women ‘World of Difference 100 Awards’.

Catherine Elliott is an Assistant Professor in the University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management, where she teaches Organizational Behaviour and HR at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. Prior to academe, she worked at Accenture as a Manager in Change Management Consulting and HR. Her research provides insights about women’s entrepreneurship, including social networks, entrepreneurial identity, and learning and mentoring for enterprise growth.

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LiisBeth is an independent ‘zine examining entrepreneurship, start-up culture and the innovation eco-system through a progressive, feminist lens. LiisBeth is published by Eve-Volution Inc, which provides incubator/accelerator programming support.

Women's Enterprise Centre Manitoba Logo

Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba is a non‐profit organization helping women entrepreneurs establish and expand their businesses. Our services include business advising, lending, referrals, training, networking and mentoring. Special programming for growth-oriented entrepreneurs includes My Gold Mine, a tool to increase financial acumen, as well as capacity building for export development.

SheEO logo

SheEO’s Radical Generosity Initiative aims to change the way we finance, celebrate and support women entrepreneurs. 1000 women will open up their networks, leverage their buying power and share their wisdom and experience to support the success of the 10 ventures we collectively select.

WEConnect International Logo

WEConnect International helps women-owned businesses succeed in global value chains. WEConnect International identifies, registers, and certifies women’s business enterprises based outside of the U.S. that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women, and then connects them with multinational corporate buyers.

Startup Canada is the leading national social enterprise supporting and giving a voice to entrepreneurs through online programs, national awards, flagship events, and partnerships with private sector and government to foster a community for startup and small business success across the country. In 2016, Startup Canada partnered with Moxie Trades to connect and empower women entrepreneurs to find a mentor and be a mentor through its #FindOneBeOne campaign. For more information, visit

WEOC logo

WEOC is the national association of Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada. WEOC member organizations provide resources, programs and services directly to women business owners coast to coast.

Telfer School of Management Logo

The Telfer School of Management is a business school located at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Its programs are designed to shape influential leaders, responsible managers and innovative researchers who have a positive impact on the lives of people, organizations and communities.

Womenable logo

Womenable is a research, program and policy development consultancy whose mission is to enable women’s entrepreneurship worldwide. In partnership with other stewards of women’s entrepreneurship – policy makers, multi-lateral organizations, corporate decision makers, entrepreneurial support organizations, and the women’s business community – Womenable focuses on strengthening the “womenabling” environment. Learn more at

Women’s Enterprise Centre is the leading business resource for BC women who own a business or are thinking of starting a business.  Our team of professionals provides business loans up to $150K to start, grow or buy a business. We also offer workshops, business advisors, mentors, resources and a supportive community to help women start, grow and succeed in their business.

Women's Enterprise Scotland logo

Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) works to create an entrepreneurial environment where women-led businesses can flourish and grow, collaborating with the Scottish Government and partners to close the gender enterprise gap throughout Scotland. Learn more at



Canadian Women in Communications and Technology’s (WCT) mission is a national organization dedicated to the advancement of women through a coast to coast network of professional women, men and companies in communications and technology.

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