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It’s Back to Business: Are Your Key Processes in Place for a Successful Transition

These resources were shared during the Ready, Set, Get Back to Business symposium May 12-14, 2020

Session 5: It’s Back to Business: Are Your Key Processes in Place for a Successful Transition

Session overview: Being strategic about your operations planning is where you build value into your business. Whether your business is recovering post-COVID-19 or you are starting fresh, your effort developing and improving operational protocols is time well spent. Take the time necessary to benefit your customers, your employees, and to create wins for the business in terms of productivity, efficiencies, safety, risk management, and increased profitability.

Facilitated by: Colleen Krebs, Manager of Business Services, Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba

Key Takeaways from Colleen Krebs:

An entrepreneur’s life is so much better when her business has systems.

Having systems in place adds value to your business and gives you more freedom to run and grow your company, Colleen Krebs, manager of business services at the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba, said during WEOC’s virtual symposium.

Colleen said she saved an hour each day by making a system for her staff to follow. Before, she spent the time writing daily to-do lists.


Quotes from Colleen:

“Without systems, everything is unknown, and at times, it feels like the business actually owns you.”

“Common sense is not common practice.”

“Every customer that engages with your business walks through it in a different way.”

“It’s kind of like a tapestry; nothing in business is ever in isolation.”

“It really starts at you, because you’re the expert of your own business.”

“Every system will need to be tweaked — they are never done.”

Session Handout: Cycle of Identifying, Managing and Implementing System Change

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