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Moving Up! Business Growth Strategies

These resources were shared during the Ready, Set, Get Back to Business symposium May 12-14, 2020

Session 6: Moving Up! Business Growth Strategies

Session overview:If you’re looking to grow your business, forming a strategic alliance is a good way to start. Kerrilee Auger, the skills development manager at Women’s Enterprise Centre, spoke about the many benefits of strategic alliances during WEOC’s virtual symposium.She said strategic alliances are good for accessing new markets and customers, adding value to your company’s products and services, and filling gaps to serve a marketplace need.


Facilitated by: Kerrilee Auger, Skills Development Manager, Women’s Enterprise Centre

Key Takeaways from Kerrilee Auger:

  • “Strategic alliances are becoming more relevant to businesses of all sizes and all industries.”
  • “You have to be successful together together.”
  • “Create a clearly defined plan before you act on any of these alliances.”

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