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Links – Operations

Links – Operations

Below are a series of useful links to video and articles from within the entrepreneurial ecosystem:

Podcast Recommendations:

To-do list on chalkboard. WEOC logo promoting Side Hustle Pro podcast with headline A one item to-do list?This episode is filled with thought provoking and practical ideas to help establish focus and recalculate priorities. – 7 Tried and True Tips for Side Hustling When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time –  Side Hustle Pro, Ep. 209 @sidehustlepro







Meetings with colleagues, meetings with clients, meetings with family, meetings with friends. It’s been two months and we are exhausted! Suffering ZOOM Fatigue? How to Fix That – The Femails Podcast, presented by Career Contessa







The one thing your business should do each week.

Strategy Hour Podcast, Boss Project This post is all about love…of meetings, or as this podcast re-frames it: “I don’t love meetings, I love traction”









Promotion of TED Talks PodcastTED Talks Daily Podcast – How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them from Vernā Myers This replay was originally recorded in 2014 and as Verna says, “same story, different names.” For all of us who are doing the work to confront our own biases, this is a motivating podcast. How can it help you in your work with your clients?








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