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Keeping Good Employees on Board

These resources were shared during the Ready, Set, Get Back to Business symposium May 12-14, 2020

Session 4: Keeping Good Employees on Board

Session overview: This workshop provided  an increased understanding, not just about why employees leave, but more importantly why they stay. Participants will be able to determine best practices that will fit within the unique culture of their business and create an action plan to increase employee retention.

Facilitated by: Dawn McCooey, Entrepreneur in Residence, Women’s Enterprise Centre and Tanja Halsall, MA, CPHR, SHRM-SCP
Chief People Officer, Potentia Human Resources & Engagement Consulting

The #1 reason employees leave is because they’re unhappy with their supervisor. Dawn McCooey and Tanja Halsall talked to WEOC virtual symposium-goers about how to keep good workers:

– Recognize your employees and honour their contributions.
– Build a culture of trust by telling the truth, listening to others, demonstrating competence and showing humility.
– Show your vulnerable side.
– Ask questions and really listen to what your employees are saying.
– Make your actions match your words.

Ideas and insights from Dawn and Tanja:

  • “Now is the best time to ask yourself and others, what does your company stand for? What are its values?” — Dawn McCooey
  • “Why do (employees) stay? Leadership, leadership, leadership, leadership.” — Dawn McCooey
  • “We need to make sure that we just stop… I would encourage you every day to wake up and recognize at least five people in your world.” — Tanja Halsall
  • “Right now, the power of relationship is more important than ever.” — Tanja Halsall
  • “When we think of how to engage our employees, trust is number one.” — Tanja Halsall
  • “True leadership is collaborative leadership where you make sure everyone has a voice.” — Tanja Halsall
  • “Recognition doesn’t need to be monetary.” — Tanja Halsall
  • “If you want to design your (corporate) culture, you have to be very intentional and very transparent as a leader.” — Dawn McCooey
  • “A lot of people don’t suggest things to leadership because they don’t think they’ll be open to change.” — Tanja Halsall

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