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Links – Skills & Tools

Links – Skills & Tools

Below are a series of useful links to video and articles from within the entrepreneurial ecosystem:

Podcast Recommendations:

Promotion of Bossed Up Podcast episode 250 about public speaking

Episode 250 is For all of those women who “dare make their voice heard”. I was nodding along to this entire interview with Emilie Aries and guest Barbara Tannenbaum. #fridaylistens #vendredijécoute @BossedUpOrg







Time Management (and so much more) – Thrive Talks Podcast, Season 2, Episode 11 with guest Leah Goard








The Great Canadian Woman Podcast, Episode 124 Are your clients’ what and why aligned? Just over 16 minutes long, this interview with host Sarah Swain and Selene Vakharria get to the heart of why a brand story is important.







Behind the Brilliance by Lisa Nicole Bell — Episode 192: On Rest, Breaks, and Sabbaticals. Don’t wait to take a break! Behind the Brilliance host Lisa Nicole Bell talks through three questions to help you “design rest” to avoid burnout: Are you resting strategically? When are you going to take a break this year? When will you take a sabbatical?⁠







Image of desk workspace with promotion of podcast

Amy Porterfield Podcast  Are your work habits making time your ally or your enemy? How to create Atomic Habits with guest James Clear.









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