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Export Through a Gender Lens Story Series: Cultural Factors & Gender Bias

Aléas is an international consulting firm that enables its clients to keep their travellers safe, comply to occupational health and safety legislation, protect their reputation and to ensure continuity of their international activities. 

Marie-Claude Du Cap, Founder and CEO of Aléas, participated in a trade mission in January 2020 to France and Belgium, where she signed two export contracts at the international level. 

“Our strategy for 2020 was aggressive with a focus on international travel including Europe and South America,” says Du Cap. 

The safety and security sector is male dominated. When Du Cap went to Singapore for a conference, she was the only female out of the 65 attendees.  

“Men are surprised to see a woman in a very male-dominated sector,” says Du Cap. “At first, they usually think I am the wife of one of the male attendees.” 

Marie-Claude Du Cap

Du Cap says the situation was intimidating at first, but then realized she could use her years of experience and knowledge to meet new people in her industry and make friends.  

“I gained credibility and trust from my male counterparts by leading great conversations and forming important relationships,” says Du Cap.