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Export Through a Gender Lens Story Series: Exporting for Service Companies

Toc Toc Communications is a management and consulting company with a focus on resolving complex client issues, establishing commercial strategies, and ensuring a successful implementation of the operation. 

Caroline Desautels, Founder of Toc Toc Communications, is focusing on internationally exporting the company’s medical and pharmaceutical brand management and consulting services to Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Caroline Desautels wears a navy blazer and has dark hair pulled back. She sits against a background of dark green leaves
Caroline Desautels

When working with international clients, Desautels says it is common to not get a contract on the first try. There are many factors to why a contract might not work out including price, capacity, legalities, etc.  

“Ask questions, understand why the contract didn’t work out, refine your plan, and try again” says Desautels. 

Desautels takes every obstacle as a learning lesson. 

“It’s okay to make mistakes,” says Desautels. “That is how you learn and grow.”