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How Lisa Haydon, owner of Pivotal Growth Limited, Benefited from the WEOC National Loan Program

This story was originally published on Centre for Women in Business’ website.

In 2017, Lisa Haydon founded her business Pivotal Growth Ltd., an executive leadership development consulting firm that uses human-powered and AI-enabled technology to solve leadership problems and transform leadership teams. “I left a corporate career to pursue a vision of how executive coaching can be used differently to achieve better performance and results. Working with hundreds of high-performance leaders and leadership tools led me to develop a technology-enabled leadership diagnostic solution.”

Lisa was recently part of the Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) National Loan Program. This program offers an inclusive approach to lending and providing robust wrap-around services that sets women entrepreneurs up for continued growth and success, offering loans up to $50,000. The Centre for Women in Business is the Nova Scotia delivery partner for the loan fund. 

Lisa first heard about the WEOC Loan program after talking to Executive Director, Tanya Priske. Lisa knew that the program would be a great fit to advance her business forward. “I loved that Tanya remembered my interest and let me know as soon as the program was launched. I am so grateful for that extra thoughtfulness so I could take advantage of the program right away.”  

Applying for loans can be an intimidating experience as a woman business owner. This was the process Lisa took in applying for the loan and the advice she would give others in similar situations. “The loan application requirements were what you would expect and clearly provided. The application completion did take time but, was well worth it.” 

“As the founder of a business running at full capacity, the process was a well needed slow down to plan, reflect, and show what we are doing. I would recommend blocking calendar time to do your application thoughtfully.”  As the delivery partner, the CWB works with clients to prepare the loan application and provide continued wrap around support.  

What are the benefits of the WEOC loan program? “The loan will help my business capture its growth potential more quickly. We will be using the loan to add a new member to our team! The WEOC loan uniquely supports operating capital uses and this is what we need for our growth. We are really excited to have access to this type of loan support.”  

“The most compelling element was how the loan could be used, operating capital, and the ability to access a larger amount, up to $50,000.”  

The WEOC loan program not only helps to support women led businesses but has the potential to help businesses thrive, grow, and gain new opportunities that might not have been accessible before. 

“Any work a business owner does in telling their business story and showing their future potential is time well spent.”