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The Big Pivot

The Big Pivot

Manufacturers lean into the challenges posed by COVID-19, find they’re not alone

By Jeff Baker

Depending who you ask, 2019 was a year that was particularly challenging for a multitude of reasons, or it was a time of the proverbial wine and roses. Perhaps it was something in the middle.

What many of us wouldn’t give to go back to those days after living the last 10 years that has been 2020 so far.

Sure, okay… I’ll dial back the pessimism a smidge. Even for me it’s a bit much. Especially when we have no option but to keep calm, stay safe, and carry on.

But what can any of us actually do when there’s a global pandemic and no clear path forward or no firm timeline back to the world we used to know?

In true Prairie form and in good ol’ manufacturing spirit, companies and leaders across the sector and region have risen to the challenge. They’ve adapted their businesses, and identified the opportunities hidden within the haze and uncertainty.

But what does this business adaptation look like? How did businesses make the journey from the initial shock of the pandemic, to figuring out which way was up, and to planning a measured and reasonable response – whatever that response would be?

That’s been the big question for manufacturers not just across the Prairies, but in every country around the world. It’s been a story of the big pivot. Read more.

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