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Like all platforms, podcasting has great content to offer, but wading through to find what’s valuable can be challenging. Every Friday we highlight a podcast we think is valuable for women entrepreneurs and share on our social media channels. Find a list of our suggestions below and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook #Fridaylisten #vendredijécoute 

Strategy Hour Podcast, Boss Project, posted Feb. 14, 2020

Today’s post is all about love…of meetings, or as this podcast re-frames it: “I don’t love meetings, I love traction”. Enjoy!

The one thing you need to do every week. Une chose que votre enterprise doit faire chaque semain. Episode 389, Strategy Hour Podcast  

The Great Canadian Woman Podcast, posted Feb. 8, 2020

Just over 16 minutes long, this interview with host Sarah Swain and Selene Vakharria get to the heart of why your brand story is important and how to move forward.

21st Century Creative Podcast, posted January 31, 2020

A very motivating conversation with SheEO’s Vicki Saunders. This link also includes a readable Q&A #fridsaylisten #vendredijécoute

The Brand is Female, posted January 24, 2020

Amy Porterfield Podcast, posted January 17, 2020

Image of desk workspace with promotion of podcast

The AI Effect, posted January 10, 2020

Thrive Podcast – Start Up Canada, posted January 2, 2020



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