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WEOC 2020 Learning Sessions / Séances d’information 2020 de l’OEFC

WEOC 2020 Learning Sessions IP Foundations with CIPO

Beginning in September 2020, WEOC will be presenting a series of learning sessions that will bring area experts together with those who work to support women entrepreneurs in Canada. Topics focus on areas of interest for our membership and include intellectual property, free trade, digital marketing and financial planning. Check out our 2020 calendar below.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2020  – IP Foundations, presented with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

OCTOBER 19, 2020:  Free Trade Agreements

  • 12 pm CT/1 pm ET

OCTOBER 20, 2020: Les accords de libre-échange du Canada (FR)

Session d’information sur les accords de libre-échange et les programmes gouvernementaux de soutien aux entreprises

  • 12 pm CT/1 pm ET

NOVEMBER 5, 2020:  IP for Women Entrepreneurs, presented with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

This seminar will review intellectual property rights and why they matter so that women can further familiarize on how to exploit those assets to their business’s advantage. It will provide a review of trademarks, patents, trade secrets, industrial designs and copyright protection. It will also outline the value of women in innovation and guide entrepreneurs on how to conduct an intellectual property audit.

  • 1 pm CT/2 pm ET

DECEMBER 9, 2020: Traditional Knowledge and IP, presented with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property: Turning innovation into dollars! Commercialize your intellectual property

For those of you who have a business that draws on or is influenced by traditional knowledge, the following webinar will touch on the intersections between Traditional Knowledge and the IP system. You will also learn about some general avenues businesses take to profit from their inventions including licensing. Finally, we will address some of the most important commercialization considerations to keep in mind as you explore ways to extract the value of your IP.

  • 1 pm CT/2 pm ET

DECEMBER 17, 2020: Séances d’information: La propriété intellectuelle et le savoir traditionnel

Le savoir traditionnel et la propriété intellectuelle : Transformez vos innovations en dollars! Commercialisez votre propriété intellectuelle

Pour ceux d’entre vous qui ont une entreprise faisant appel au savoir traditionnel ou sur laquelle ce savoir exerce une influence, je précise que ce webinaire traiteront des recoupements entre le savoir traditionnel et le régime de la PI. Vous en apprendrez également quelques-unes des principales voies qu’empruntent les entreprises pour tirer profit de leurs inventions, y compris l’octroi de licences. Enfin, on abordera quelques-unes des considérations les plus importantes sur le plan de la commercialisation dont il faut tenir compte si vous souhaitez extraire de la valeur de votre PI.

  • 1 pm CT/2 pm ET

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