Visionary Corporate Partners

WEOC works with corporate partners who share our values and vision of strengthening women’s entrepreneurship across Canada.

Working with member organizations across the country, WEOC represents a network of organizations committed to creating a more inclusive entrepreneurial system. We do this through delivering the WEOC National Loan Program, developing a library of tools and resources, and hosting talks and networking opportunities with our members.

Women entrepreneurs face many obstacles to starting and growing their businesses, from accessing capital to gender biases. Only 17 percent of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses are majority owned by women. But these businesses also represent a contribution of $150 billion to the Canadian economy and employ over 1.5 million people.

As a corporate visionary partner, your company will be connected to thousands of these engaged women entrepreneurs and advisors, while boosting your profile as a socially responsible leader in the women’s entrepreneurship space.

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Our Impact

The WEOC National Loan Program has over $30 million in support from the federal government to provide inclusive financing to women entrepreneurs

Over 75 applications fielded and over $3 million approved

18 member organizations across Canada representing 375+ amount of staff and financing thousands of businesses

Your Benefits

Building brand awareness for your company and services with decision-makers and advisors in our diverse membership community

Representation (logos and links) on and through social media channels and our monthly newsletter, with a 50% open rate

Exclusive sponsorship opportunities for WEOC events, content and programming

Access targeted DEI training for your staff

What Our Loan Recipients Say

“This sort of support really does help women entrepreneurs continue to do great purposeful work and create opportunities for others along the way.”

“I am so excited for what’s in store for us and having you guys as a resource is a huge reassurance.”

“Thanks again for all your support and assistance in unlocking the WEOC financing. This has been such a critical step for us, and I deeply appreciate the responsiveness and support throughout the process.”

Visionary Corporate Partner, Annual Cost: $5,000

To discuss becoming a Visionary Corporate Partner, or any other sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at [email protected].


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