WEOC X: Exchange, Expand, Explore

Thank you to all of the sponsors for their support in furthering women’s entrepreneurship in Canada.


#WEOCX2022 ended with the first WEOC Recognition Celebration, which recognized the dedication of those who have worked to support women entrepreneurs for 5 years, 10 years, and 20-plus years.

Thank you everyone who participated in WEOC X – the presenters, panelists, entrepreneurs and advisors.

Video recordings of each session will be added to our Learning Libarary in March 2022.




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February 1

The Human Side of Unconscious Bias

First impressions, positive or negative, are made in seven seconds or less. We all make quick assessments of others without even realizing it. We are not born with bias. Biases are formed by past situations, experiences, background and culture. Unconscious biases typically exist towards gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability (both physical and mental), and weight.
Most of us will say “I see people for who they are” but do we? Unconscious biases affect and impact decision making both professionally and personally with real impact. Recognizing, managing and mitigating unconscious bias promotes diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion drives innovation, increases productivity, and stimulates creativity while promoting a healthy, happy, engaging workplace culture.

February 2

Find Your Balance & Develop Habits to Support It

This workshop offers participants a creative way to navigate their career in healthy way,
by exploring good balance for their work and life wellness, and the habits required to
maintain it.
• Evaluate current and desired balance
• Determine habits to support good balance
• Enjoy a creative take-away, DIY balance wheel and habit reminder

February 8

Boom! Financially Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

The right type of financial literacy can make the difference between a business thriving or failing. Financial wellness consultant and educator Saijal Patel will discuss the key but often overlooked elements of being financially well, and how business advisors can support female entrepreneurs build the financial know-how and succeed.

February 10

Connect! Building relationships with neurodiverse clients and colleagues

Hear from Wanda about neurodiversity as a workforce asset through employment and entrepreneurship. She will explain what neurodiversity is, why it is important to understand, suggestions for retaining neurodiverse talent and supporting neurodiverse entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She will highlight the opportunity to build neurodiversity into an (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility strategy), including through inclusive leadership.

Watch the session intro here.

Presented through the support of Session Sponsor Payworks

February 22

Engage! Five ways to put the energy back into your online sessions

Five ways to put the energy back into your online sessions.  An interactive session that focuses on actionable ways to make online gatherings — meetings, conferences, training, and more — better serve your organizational vision, your immediate goals and the needs of your participants. And bonus! The practices that are offered can all be applied to in person gathering as well.

You can access Cate’s full six-part course – Engage! Essential online facilitation skills with Cate Friesen – in the WEOC Learning Library, which is free to members.

February 24

Toast! Recognition Celebration

Grab a glass or mug of something yummy and help wrap up the month with the first WEOC Service Recognition Celebration. Toast your friends and colleagues who have committed to supporting the success of women entrepreneurs for 5+, 10+, and 20+ years!

The celebration begins with a panel of entrepreneurs who have found support through women’s entrepreneurial support organizations: Shauna Allen, Modern Match Lingerie (BC); Amanda Buhse, Coal and Canary (MB); Katrina German, Ethical Digital (SK).

Presented through the support of our Celebration Sponsors: WeBC, AWE, WESK, WECM, PARO, RFAQ, NLOWE

Thank you to our Gift Sponsors: Coal and Canary, Tiber River, Utoffeea

WEOC X: Export Week

February 14-18, 2022

Join us from February 14-18 for a week focused on women and non-binary entrepreneurs and export.

Indigenous Entrepreneurs & Export

February 16, 1:00 PM-1:30 PM (ET)

Bring your coffee or lunch to our 30-minute fireside chats with experts and entrepreneurs, moderated by Jennifer Cooke from Export Development Canada: with Todd Evans, National Lead — Indigenous Exports, at Export Development Canada, EDC AND Christal Earle, Brave Soles

Let’s Talk Food!

February 17, 1:00 PM-1:30 PM (ET)

Bring your coffee or lunch to our 30-minute fireside chats with experts and entrepreneurs, moderated by Jennifer Cooke from Export Development Canada: with entrepreneurs Pina Romolo, Piccola Cucina; Kailey Gilchrist, NONA Vegan; Brittany Charlton, Ohh! Foods

About the Inaugural 2021 Conference:

In February 2021, more than 250 entrepreneurial advisors and 20 expert presenters from across Canada came together to exchange, expand, explore. Advisors who work directly with female entrepreneurs took in live presentations from top experts, participated in critical conversations and panel discussions, and networked with other business advisors, financial advisors, marketing experts, and leaders from across the ecosystem. We were happy to work with women entrepreneurs from across the country – from Victoria to Nunavut to St. John’s – to provide registrants with a specially curated gift box as well as daily door prizes.

Watch the 2021 WEOC X wrap-up video