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From Entrepreneur to Advisor: WEOC Spotlight Series features Paula Flood

By Orycia Karpa, WEOC Staff

For almost 25 years, Paula Flood has been advising female entrepreneurs with the Newfoundland & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE). When she began her career in advising, she was a level one equestrian coach owning and operating Horse Holidays NL Limited, which consisted of a riding school, boarding centre, and four-star accommodations. 

“I was on the NLOWE board, and they needed an advisor for a six-month contract,” says Flood. “I decided to take the job, and I haven’t left since.”  

When Flood sold her tourism business in 2001, she had years of entrepreneurial experience under her belt. 

“I know what it is like to write a business plan and have it declined by a bank, and I also understand what it’s like to revamp due to economic changes,” says Flood. “My clients find comfort in knowing I have entrepreneurial experience, and that I can understand what they are going through.” 

Throughout her career, Flood has always stepped up to help entrepreneurs and says it’s second nature to guide people through challenges.  

“The most rewarding part of being a business advisor is meeting all kinds of female entrepreneurs,” she says. “Seeing my clients go from the idea stage to opening their doors and helping them with their challenges along the way is so rewarding.” 

To be a good advisor, Flood says you must keep up with the times and keep your clients advised on all the new changes that can affect their business.  

“Each client is on a different path and every situation has to be handled in its own way,” she says. “I make sure to send specific information to clients and make it targeted because I like to be as helpful and resourceful as I can. 

“When my clients come to me, I want to create a safe space for them to share all of their business hopes and dreams,” says Flood. “I also reassure them not to get discouraged, because I have been in their shoes, and I have conquered challenges.” 

For six months, Flood has been helping Olivia Crane, owner of Amplified Social Media Inc. (Amplified Social), grow and expand her social media agency. 

As a business that offered more intimate coaching, a larger group workshop was something I had never thought of before. Paula helped me create a virtual training session on how to teach business owners how to use Instagram for their businesses. The initial session was a hit, and we’ve since booked several more sold-out sessionsWhat I love about this set up is everyone wins – my business gets to teach, and more entrepreneurs get to learn. Paula’s efforts in identifying this opportunity and leading the way in making it happen has impacted over 100 businesses in just a couple of months. It has also significantly impacted my cash flow which helps me focus on more opportunity and growth. 

Crane says Flood’s experience in entrepreneurship and advising shines through in every conversation they have.  

“She is honest, open, and offers great feedback,” says Crane. “Paula truly makes you want to work hard and sets an example for any women entrepreneur that you can do and be whatever you want.”