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From Entrepreneur to Advisor: WEOC Spotlight Series features Victoria Watts

By Orycia Karpa, WEOC Staff

Building a network of peers within the women’s enterprise ecosystem can be extremely beneficial to entrepreneurs of all stages. Victoria Watts has benefited from peer networking throughout her career, which includes law, business, and entrepreneurship.  

As the President and CEO of Pasta Tavola Inc. for over 10 years, she enjoys sharing her experience with her clients at the PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise (PARO).

“Over the years, entrepreneurs would ask me about my business, and I was always eager to share information with them, because I think it is important to support other entrepreneurs and help them succeed,” says Watts. “This is what led me to business advising with PARO.” 

Watts loves working for PARO because she enjoys being part of an organization that shares her values of female empowerment, inclusiveness, and supporting women.  

“Advising has broadened my network and allows me to share my experiences with other female entrepreneurs,” says Watts. “It is such an ideal role for me.”

A network of mentors, coaches, and entrepreneurs to rely on is important, says Watts, especially with individuals who have diverse skill sets.

“I find when you’re in business, you often put networking on the backburner because you are working hard trying to hit your next milestone,” says Watts. “It is important to make time for networking because it will help you grow your business.”

For Watts, the most rewarding part of advising female entrepreneurs is seeing their resilience and intelligence. 

“COVID-19 has proven my clients are tough and ready to tackle any problem,” says Watts. “To be part of my clients’ journeys is special, and I am honoured to share my experiences with them.” 

For over three months, Watts has been advising Katherine McDonald on her business, Your Beginning, which focuses on health and fitness. 

“What makes Victoria a great advisor, is that she is not only pushing me to learn, but she is also continuously trying to learn in order to be a great advisor,” says McDonald. “Victoria genuinely wants to be the best advisor she can be for her clients, and she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure she has the tools to help me succeed.”

Advising comes very naturally to Watts, and although she has years of business experience, she is still learning and growing. “I love supporting and giving hope to other women,” says Watts. “Female entrepreneurs need a support system, and I am here to help them in any way I can.”