05Sep 18
Ecosystem Effectiveness: Collaboration

Ecosystem Effectiveness: Collaboration

When an issue gains traction in the public eye, it can propel lots of people to take action. And, sometimes, all those separate initiatives can benefit from being more coordinated. Gender equality initiatives are a great example of this. The Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) believes that collaboration enables us to provide stronger support for women entrepreneurs and their business growth. Our clients deserve united organizations While the market-based approach is to compete, the key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem need to work together. There is a more progressive way: namely, collaboration. Collaboration in practice: WEB Alliance of Women’s…

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18Jul 18
Bigger Budgets Alone Don’t Solve The Whole Problem For Women Entrepreneurs

Bigger budgets alone don’t solve the whole problem for women entrepreneurs

In the year of Canada’s federal “gender budget,” 2018 has seen many large lenders announce funding for women entrepreneurs. This is a strong signal that gender equality in entrepreneurship, lending and investing has become a priority for the Canadian economy. At the same time, we need to change our mindset about financing female-led businesses, or the funding imbalance will continue despite these good intentions. WEOC Organizing Member Women's Enterprise Centre in BC just published "Money and Mindset: Borrowing is more than dollars and cents for women entrepreneurs," an article outlining the effect of unconscious bias and other key factors on…

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20Feb 18
Gender Equality In BC? Announcing The 2018 WE FOR SHE Call To Action

Gender Equality in BC? Announcing the 2018 WE FOR SHE Call to Action

Contributed by Women's Enterprise Centre BC Gender equality is a hot topic and it’s inspiring to know that the BC business community is leading the country in collaborating to help achieve it here – while also equipping and encouraging youth to explore their career options. Now in its fifth year, the WE FOR SHE movement has touched thousands of people across BC, sharing issues and best practices relating to advancing women in corporations, as entrepreneurs and in emerging industries and fields.  In November 2017, almost 1500 business leaders and students came together to discuss and update their top five strategies…

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