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New partnership brings loan program to Nova Scotia

Centre for Women in Business becomes 7th loan fund partner for WEOC National Loan Program

“I am thrilled that women entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia will now have access to a loan program that offers not only much-needed capital, but the additional wrap-around supports and services that help lead to long-term growth and success,” says Alison Kirkland, CEO, WEOC.

A Holistic Approach to Lending Supports Women Entrepreneurs

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Women entrepreneurs face myriad barriers to accessing capital and receive less than 2.3% of VC funding globally. WEOC is proud to work with loan fund partners across the country to directly support women entrepreneurs through its WEOC National Loan Program.

Bootstrap or Borrow? Report & Resources

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When it comes to funding business growth, one of the most consequential decisions faced by entrepreneurs is whether to rely on their own funds or look to external funders.

WEOC National Loan Program

Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada is proud to deliver the WEOC National Loan Program, which supports women entrepreneurs as they start, scale, grow and maintain their businesses.

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