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How do WEOC members support the women entrepreneurs they work with?

WEOC National Loan Program

Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada selected as key delivery organization for Government of Canada’s $55 million Women Entrepreneurship Loan Fund

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Spotlight Series: From Entrepreneur to Advisor

Penny Tremblay, PARO Centre

For Penny Tremblay, entrepreneurship has been the foundation of her career since she was 19 years old and working in direct sales. Fast forward to the present, Tremblay runs her own successful business called the Tremblay Leadership Center: Play Nice in the Sandbox with Penny Tremblay. 

Navigating the Road to Success: How to Support Women Entrepreneurs

WEOC National Survey Released

Results of WEOC survey show optimism and innovation of Canadian women entrepreneurs during COVID recovery.

Loans, Capital and Women Entrepreneurs Survey

Be an advocate for systemic change to lending policies – take the Loans, Capital and Women Entrepreneurs Survey from Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada and Women and Gender Equality Canada.

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