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Creating Balance in 2021 with 3 Easy Tips

By Lavlet Forde, MA. RP.

It’s a new year and a new start; 2021 is your year to create balance with your work and personal life. Perhaps you have had challenges in the past with trying to create balance? Not to worry, many people do. I have been a therapist for over 12 years and understand these types of challenges. Here are three simple tips to help you create a work and life balance that works for you.

The Power of 15 Minutes

Did you know that 15 minutes could make a significant difference to your day? By the end of the day you may wonder where has the day gone. During the day there are a variety of responsibilities an individual may have: work deadlines, family responsibilities, taking care of children, following up with clients, and of course the endless to-do list.

Imagine giving yourself the first 15 minutes of your day to self-care. Beginning your day with meditation, indulging in a cup of coffee, reading, journalling, yoga or going for a short walk. By simply setting aside 15 minutes and enjoying one of these activities, it can make a significant difference to your well-being. Research has shown the benefits of self-care, it helps with focus, concentration and reduces anxiety and stress.

Wellness and Your Workspace

To create a balance in both your work and personal life, it not only has to do with making changes throughout the day, but it also has to do with the environment that you work in too. By adding certain items into your workspaceand removing others, can help to foster work productivity and create a stress-free work environment.

An office plant can help with work productivity and decrease stress? Yes, it is true! There is an abundance of research that shows that plants have several health benefits. Office plants help to: increase work productivity, clean the air, improve memory retention, help to get employees more psychologically engaged and can help to boost creativity. There are many types of plants you can choose from, the Pothos and Spider plant are easy to take care of and do not require much attention.

Clear the clutter, by removing items from your desk, which can help to decrease your stress level. Most of us know that a cluttered office space can create chaos, cause us to miss important deadlines, create confusion and stress. Marie Kondo’s book, Spark Joy provides an efficient method to getting and keeping your workspace organized. Don’t have time to read the book, check out this five minute YouTube video: Marie Kondo: How to Tidy Your Office Desk, where Marie helps an individual efficiently and quickly organize their work desk.

Creating a Schedule with Flexibility

Schedules are helpful, they help us to stay focus and keep us on track, but it is also important when working with a schedule to allow for flexibility. When creating a schedule keep these things in mind:

  • Begin with blocking off time for activities that are most important to you. Is it important that you have dinner each evening with your family or partner? A weekly phone call with a dear friend? Fifteen minutes each morning for self-care? Book this into your schedule first, then schedule in other tasks and responsibilities.
  • Be flexible with your schedule. I often recommend to clients to review their schedule often, see what’s working and stick with it and consider making changes to what isn’t working.
  • Find a planner/scheduler that works for you. Planners come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. Take some time and browse the Internet, or check out this YouTube video to see what type of planner would work best for you.

Let’s recap how to create a healthy work and life balance:

  • Begin your day with 15 minutes of self-care
  • An organized workspace and office plants help to decrease stress and improve work productivity
  • Create a schedule with flexibility

Happy New Year!