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Bibliothèque des membres

La bibliothèque des membres d’OEFC comprend plus de 100 articles, vidéos, webinaires, listes de contrôle et autres ressources d’experts créées spécifiquement pour ceux qui travaillent avec des femmes chefs d’entreprise.

Au cours des prochains mois, nous allons transformer la bibliothèque et nous sommes impatients de dévoiler la nouvelle version améliorée de la bibliothèque en ligne dans le courant de l’été.

Tous les contenus sont toujours disponibles à la demande en envoyant une demande par courriel à [email protected] – Subject : Demande de bibliothèque

A complete content list will be available soon; a small selection is listed below.

Is woman an inclusive term?


A conversation to discuss inclusive language, fulfilling funding mandates, living our organizational values and more.
Guests: Paulina Cameron, The Forum / Pru Girme, Pride at Work Canada / A.J. Stewart, Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC)

Connect! Building relationships with neurodiverse clients and colleagues

Wanda Deschamps (From WEOC X 2022)

Hear from Wanda about neurodiversity as a workforce asset through employment and entrepreneurship. She will explain what neurodiversity is, why it is important to understand, suggestions for retaining neurodiverse talent and supporting neurodiverse entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She will highlight the opportunity to build neurodiversity into an (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility strategy), including through inclusive leadership.

Storytelling and sales

Elaine Turcotte

The world is different. This much we know. As service-based organizations continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, their focus is clear—thrive by maintaining or even increasing customer service levels to ensure customer retention and growth. The challenge is, with potentially reduced resources and economic leverage, how can this be done?

No two venture funds are the same

Bonnie Foley-Wong

If you have clients that are managing their start-up or early-stage venture, this blog post will help you guide them in figuring out what they need in a founder and how to know they’ve found the right one. Your clients will also benefit from the suggestions about how to strengthen their founder-investor relationship, once they have found a good investor.

Engage! Essential online facilitation skills

Cate Friesen

Is facilitation an integral part of your work? After this completing this course you will be able to design and deliver online sessions that leverage the strengths, knowledge and skills of the group you are facilitating. You will be able to do this through meaningful and active engagement with you, each other, and the content, to move the work forward.

Successful partnerships: How to bring sponsors, donors, and partners onside to support your vision

Devon Smiley

Running a business is never a solitary venture—there are always people and organizations around that you might want to lean on to help you achieve your business goals. This blog post will help you negotiate with sponsors, donors, experts, and other partners to build and run your business, showing how to build those relationships through a variety of different examples.

Selling online

Archana Singhania

Selling online can be an intimidating task for even the most experience sellers. This tool will guide you through the steps required to get your clients business online.

Working with family

Lisa Isaac

Working with family has some definite benefits, but there are some common areas that business owners find challenging. This video highlights a real-life family business to extract some valuable tips and tricks for your clients who work with family or who may be thinking about hiring or working with family.

Connecting with rural women

Penny Tremblay

Business Advisors working with rural women will learn strategies to increase access and bridge the difficulties in connecting with clients they won’t meet in person.

By understanding the many types of businesses that rural women are representing, the common challenges that they face, and how best to communicate with them, advisors will be able to recognize opportunities for their rural clients and choose the best methods of communication for different scenarios, as well as offer support networks.