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Rising Tides: Negotiate to Increase Your Impact

This webinar is aimed at helping our members improve their negotiation skills so that they can gain the resources (support, time, and money) their teams need to deliver best-in-class support to your clients. We’ll cover identifying opportunties for negotiation, common challenges faced, and a framework for negotiations. Join us on Tuesday, April 20 at 1 p.m. EDT (90 mins).

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EXCELerate 2021

Spend your Wednesdays with EXCELerate 2021: GroYourBiz Global Virtual Summit Series will continue to INNOVATE, INSPIRE and INFLUENCE thought leaders to focus on new ways of thinking beyond the norm-growing your business with compassion, courage, confidence and collaboration. WEOC has partnered with Women's Enterprise Centre in BC to sponsor the March 24 series.

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2021 WEOC Learning Sessions

Commercializing Your Intellectual Property

You spent all that time developing a product and growing your brand—so why not make money from it? Intellectual property (IP) commercialization is the process of transforming your IP innovations and creations into commercially viable products or services. Learn about some general avenues businesses take to profit from their inventions. While the focus of this seminar will be on introductory pathways to commercialization, specifically assignment and licensing, more advanced avenues will also briefly be discussed, in addition to some of the most important considerations to keep in mind as you explore ways to extract the value of your IP.

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